Official Holidays

Observed by Abilene Christian University

All holidays listed will be observed on the date(s) shown. To see a full description of the Holiday Benefit, please see our Benefit Program.The Purpose of the policy is to provide competitive paid-time-off benefits to recognize traditional holidays. This policy applies to full-time and half-time staff employees. To see how many hours per holiday or how sick leave and vacation leave accrue, please see the leave accrual chart.








New Year's DayThu., Jan.1-Fri., Jan. 2Fri., Jan.1Mon., Jan. 2Mon., Jan. 1Tues., Jan. 1
Martin Luther King's BirthdayMon., Jan. 19Mon., Jan. 18Mon., Jan. 16Mon., Jan. 15Mon., Jan. 21
Spring Break* (one day)Mar. 9-13Mar. 7-11Mar. 13-17Mar. 12-16Mar. 11-15
Good FridayFri., Apr. 3Fri., Mar. 25Fri., Apr. 14Fri., Mar. 30Fri., Apr. 19
Memorial DayMon., May 25Mon., May 30Mon., May 29Mon., May. 28Mon., May. 27
Independence DayFri., Jul. 3Mon., Jul. 4Tue., Jul. 4Wed., Jul. 4Thurs., Jul. 4
Labor Day***Mon., Sept. 7Mon., Sept. 5Mon., Sept. 4Mon., Sep. 3Mon., Sep. 2
ThanksgivingWed., Nov. 25-Fri., Nov. 27 Wed., Nov. 23-Fri., Nov. 25Wed., Nov. 22-Fri., Nov. 24Wed., Nov. 21-Fri., Nov. 23Wed., Nov. 27-Fri., Nov. 29
ChristmasThu., Dec. 24-Thu., Dec. 31 Mon., Dec. 26-Fri., Dec. 30Mon., Dec. 25- Fri., Dec. 29Mon., Dec. 24- Mon., Dec. 31Tues., Dec. 24- Tues., Dec. 31
*Staff get one holiday during this week
***Offices will be open on Labor Day because classes are in session. At the supervisor’s discretion, an employee may use Labor Day as his/her holiday; however, offices must be sufficiently staffed since classes are in session. If an employee does not use this day as a holiday, it may be taken any time prior to the end of the fiscal year, May 31.