2015 Wellness Premiums

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a “preventive care visit”?
A preventive care visit is defined as your annual physical or well woman visit.  As a reminder, preventive care is free to covered individuals. 

Can you check if I have already had my preventive exam?
If your doctor codes your visit as a preventive exam when he files with BCBSTX, then you have met the requirement to receive the discounted premium rate in 2015.  If you are unsure how your doctor coded a visit, please contact the Elsa Dunson

How much will I save?
The rates for the 2015 premiums will be set in the fall of 2014, therefore it is too early to know the potential savings related to your preventive exam. However, by completing your annual physical or well woman visit you will pay less in 2015 for your health insurance premiums than those who do not complete this visit. 

I do not currently have health insurance through ACU for 2014, but I plan on joining ACU's health plan in 2015. Am I still eligible for the reduced premiums? Can I get the discount?
If you complete an annual physical or well woman visit between October 1, 2013 and October 31, 2014 and your doctor completes the physician verification form, you will receive the 2015 discounted premium. 

Do my covered spouse and children have to have an annual physical and/or well woman visit? 
To receive the reduced premium in 2015, all spouses who are on ACU's health insurance plan will need to have a preventive exam. While we encourage all individuals covered by our plan to take advantage of preventive care, the 2015 discounted premium is based on the employee, and applicable spouses having their preventive exam.

This feels like an invasion of privacy and micro managing my health.
Please rest assured that no one at ACU has access to your medical records or what happens at your exam. However, we believe preventive measures lead to early detection and healthier employees. We want to assist our employees in leading healthier lives. We also know that due to the rising cost of healthcare, we must continue to seek ways to control costs and be good stewards of ACU's resources.