Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do my spouse and I both have to get ten participation credits each month?

No. Only the employee who completed the pledge will need to get 10 participation credits each month.

2. In 2012 I used the wellness key to track my participation in the Abundant Life program. Can I still use the wellness key in 2013?

Yes. You can still use the wellness key if you would like to do the work outs on your key, but we no longer track participation from the wellness key. Be sure to always track your participation by sliding your faculty/staff ID card in the card reader (located near the rock wall) titled “Abundant Life Participation Credits” in order to receive credit for your participation.  

3. How do I find out how many participation credits I have earned in the middle of the month?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to report your participation credits mid-month at this time. We are working to provide this feature as soon as possible. We will keep you posted.   

4. I didn't complete the pledge form to participate in the Abundant Life program in January, but I would like to begin participating now. How do I do so?

Unfortunately, the deadline to complete the pledge form was 2/8/13. You can however still sign up for a membership to the SRWC, if you do not already have one, through a payroll deduction at   

5. Does ACU still partner with Viverae to offer a point system with cash incentives?

No. ACU no longer partners with Viverae. Employees no longer have to log in to Viverae’s website to log their participation. 

6. What if I run outside or play tennis outside? How do I log those credits?

We know that some days are just too nice to workout inside. On those days, simply go into the SRWC after your workout and slide your card to get your credit.   

7. What do I do if I am sick for an extended period of time or had a medical procedure that will keep me from meeting my minimum requirement of 10 participation credits?

Please email so that we can make note of this for the period of time that applies.

8. I will be out of town and traveling for an extended period of time. I know that it won't be possible to achieve the minimum requirement of 10 participation credits. What should I do?

Please email so that we can make note of this for the period of time that applies.

9. What if my spouse and I both work at ACU? Since the membership is a family membership, do we both need to get 10 credits to enjoy the free membership?

No. Only the spouse that completed the pledge form will need to maintain 10 credits in order to maintain the family membership. If both of you completed the pledge form, then both need to maintain 10 credits.