Retirement Information

Retirement Plans
For information on your retirement plans, please visit our TIAA-CREF website. The contact phone number for TIAA Cref is 1-800-842-2733. Below is a highlight of the benefit.

As a condition of employment, full and half time employees make a 2% of base pay mandatory contribution into a 403(b) retirement plan. In turn, the university will contribute 4% of an employee's base pay into the plan. Employees have the option of contributing an additional 1% or 2% of base pay into the 403(b) retirement plan. ACU will then contribute a corresponding 2% or 4% of an employee's base pay into the plan. This retirement option gives participants the freedom of allocation changes and a three-year cliff vesting. 

    Employee Contribution       Employer Matches   

2% mandatory


1% optional


2% optional


Supplemental Retirement Annuity
Employees may also choose to pay additional funds into a tax sheltered Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA). However, these funds are not matched by the University. Contact Human Resources for more information.

403(b) Salary Election Form
403(b) Summary Plan Document