Landscaping and Grounds

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Algae Control
Natural barley bales, instead of chemicals, are used in the effluent water pond to control algae.

ACU uses effluent water (treated waste water) to irrigate the main campus and ACU owned property around campus. We also supply it to Christian Village and Abilene Christian Schools (they reimburse us for the amount used). The use of recycled water saves in excess of 85 million gallons of fresh water. Rain sensors are installed on the irrigation system to help control water usage.

Water Runoff
The Faubus Fountain Lake on the east side of campus captures water runoff which later used as irrigation water.

Yard Waste
Lawn clippings are recycled back into the soil adding one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of ground cover. Dead trees and trimmings are recycled into mulch or compost, saving 215,000 cubic feet of material from going into a landfill annually.  The byproduct provides natural nutrition for our plant materials.

ACU uses natural fertilizer which keeps chemical fertilizers from being introduced into the immediate environment and water supply each year. This natural product encourages microbial growth and activity which translates into a healthy soil over time.

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