What is EAGALA?

Founded in July 1999, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization developed to address the need for resources, education, and professionalism in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning.

Creating a more professional field and promoting it to the general public is a large task. EAGALA strives to educate the public that EAP/L is more than horsemanship and riding classes.

EAGALA aims to get professionals in the clinical and human development fields to accept EAP/L as a valid and effective approach, and to actively use it with their clientele. This benefits those in the equine fields by opening up greater possibilities for doing what they love, namely working with horses. This benefits those in the clinical and human development fields by providing a powerful, effective, interesting, and fun therapeutic and educational alternative. Most of all, this benefits the clients and participants, because, as those of us working in the field see all the time, it works! The growth and learning of all involved is intense and rewarding.

Vision | MissionValuesObjectives

Vision Statement  

EAGALA is committed to setting the standard of professional excellence in how horses and humans work together to improve the quality of life and mental health of individuals, families and groups worldwide.

Mission Statement  

EAGALA provides education, standards, innovation, and support to professionals providing services in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning around the world. 


  • Focus on making a positive impact in the lives of people
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards and professionalism
  • Support innovation while remaining committed to quality assurance
  • Ensure the integrity of the EAGALA model through outcomes and efficacy
  • Promote a culture of collaboration through sharing information, experience, and idea


  • Establish standards of practice, ethics, and safety for EAP/EAL
  • Provide trainings for certification in the EAGALA Model of EAP/EAL
  • Conduct annual conferences to promote education and networking
  • Promote EAGALA as an effective model of therapy and treatment for at-risk populations
  • Provide educational, training, and support resources, such as books, videos, tapes, and web sites
  • Publish a bi-annual magazine
  • Encourage universities and colleges to develop and include the EAGALA Model in their curriculum
  • Support the establishment of EAGALA Model organizations around the world
  • Conduct and disseminate research on the effectiveness of EAP/EAL

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