Chapel Exemption Information

Students are required to earn 55 Chapel credits throughout a semester, however, exemption may be considered for certain time conflicts. 

A work schedule that conflicts with Chapel time may constitute exemption, though, students are expected to work their schedules around their Chapel requirements. Students can apply for a Chapel exemption by completing a Chapel Exemption Request and submitting it and all attachments to the Chapel office by the noted deadline. Requests are good for one semester only. A new request must be submitted each semester. 

  • Exemptions for lunch, running errands, class meetings, homework, or other personal business may not be granted.
  • Exemptions for student teaching are not required unless the student is enrolled in 12 or more hours.

Granted requests result in a prorated scale for earning attendance points. The pro-rated scale on the exemption is for work conflicts that last the entire semester. Work beginning after the first two weeks of the semester results in a varied pro-rated scale depending on start date. 

Consequences for failing to earn the required number of credits will be enforced, whether a student is required to earn the full or a prorated amount of credits.

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