Opportunities for Freshman Students

Welcome to ACU! Your first year here will be a memorable one, and the CCSL staff want to help you launch your collegiate career with intentional focus on spiritual formation, leadership development, and experiences in ministry and service. If you are willing, your freshman year experiences can help you recognize Christ-centered priorities while establishing a foundation that you may reinforce and utilize for the rest of your life.

In addition to your academic responsibilities (classes, research, projects, studying, etc.), you will discover many opportunities to use what you are learning and explore individual interests through leadership and service opportunities at ACU, in the Abilene community, regionally and globally. The CCSL, located in the lower level of the Campus Center, is a great place to begin a conversation with one of our experienced mentors about ways to operationalize your visions for leadership and service throughout the world.

Take time to explore these opportunities for entering freshman students:

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