Spring Break Service: An ACU Tradition

Our students seem to be always on the lookout for ways they can serve and bless others. This happens during the school year, but also over breaks as students live out the mission of ACU locally and globally.

Our university community offers many opportunities for students to serve outside the classroom through academic-sponsored mission experiences, through Body & Soul, the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Club, World Wide Witness, and many other worthwhile groups and organizations. ACU’s Spring Break Campaigns program has long been among those service options.

In 2011, we began looking for ways to create a new niche for this generation of students, one that presents them with options for Spring Break service that are affordable, that work around various staffing and resource challenges we face on campus, and that allows us to navigate the risk management issues we find ourselves coping with in this increasingly litigious era. We believe we’ve found not only a way around those challenges, but also a path forward that presents us with new opportunities for service and growth.

ACU’s Center for Christian Service & Leadership is committed to student involvement in service and mission during Spring Break. We will launch an exciting opportunity in 2014 that connects students, staff and faculty with community partners as together we meet the needs of our Abilene neighbors and the larger world.