Volunteer Requests:

If you are in need of volunteers, please fill out the Volunteer Request Form

Once you submit the form, it is to the CCSL office to be processed. Your request will be included in our Volunteer Opportunities Registry (online and in the books in our office) and possibly in the ACU student newspaper, The Optimist. We cannot guarantee fulfillment of all requests.

Faculty / Staff Form:

All faculty and staff must complete the following form for each course that includes a service or service-learning component each semester.

Service & Service-Learning Course Reporting Form

Student Service Record (SSR) Request Form

SSR web form   

Please fill out your request and submit it. It will be sent via email to the CCSL office to be processed. Only service hours (whether required service or not) that have been turned in to CCSL will be on the service record. It is best to turn in timesheets for any service completed while at ACU because one never knows when/if they will need a SSR for a graduate school application, job application/resume or another purpose.

Service Hour Timesheet:

Students who wish to record their hours must submit a Service Hour Timesheet.

Forms must be submitted to the front desk at the Center for Christian Service and Leadership (downstairs in the Campus Center) within one week of completing the service hours.

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