About Us


The challenge to service and leadership grows increasingly complex; the technology of the 21st century has made our world a much smaller place. Through Lynay, students are being prepared for service and leadership in their families, church, professions, and the larger communities in which they will live and work.

Lynay is a component of the Center for Building Community. It was begun in the fall of 1999 and consists of approximately 100 students.

Students attend meetings two hours per week (Monday afternoons, 4:00 to 6:00). These sessions are designed to improve their appreciation for and understanding of servant-leadership in the community. They are also expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours each semester in actual community service.

Lynay students have many opportunities during the year to participate in activities involved with the Center for Building Community, such as discussion group sessions with distinguished invited speakers, as hosts for special guests to campus, including international visitors, and involvement with special programs and projects sponsored by the Center.