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We want to help you explore who you are so that you can be confident in choosing your major and exploring your many career options. If you have your plan, schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Center staff member who works with you major. 

Now that you have decided on a major, find out how to prepare for the world of work that you will be entering into. By establishing an on-going relationship with our office, you'll be able have confidence in your skills and learn how to gain experience that will give you a step up as you seek out internships.

Put your plan into action and execute what you dream of doing. Secure an internship early in your college career by searching, networking and connecting with potential people and organizations.

Are you ready to graduate and step out into the world? Achieve your goals and see how your hard work over the last few years is about to pay off.

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College Central Network is the official 
résumé and job posting service 
of Abilene Christian University.

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