ACU CareerLink User Tips

Did you know that ACU CareerLink can send you notifications about an upcoming interview or event? Did you know that it can also automatically run searches for you and email you your results? Take a minute and see how to use ACU CareerLink to its fullest potential.

Account Tips:

  1. Profile – Make sure you keep this section up-to-date. This will ensure you see the most accurate listing of OCRs, internships and jobs you qualify for.
  2. Privacy Settings – If you like notifications and alerts to help you remember things or find opportunities, check out the following settings.
    • Receive Email Notifications: Select “Yes” is you would like to receive reminders and messages from our system.
    • Include in Resume Books: By choosing “Yes” approved employers will gain access to your default resume. If employers like what they see, they will be able to contact you about an opportunity.
    • Enable Text Message Alerts: Afraid you will forget about an event or interview? Select “Yes” and receive a text beforehand.
    • Receive Email Job Blasts: Choose “Yes” and you will be able to receive emails that highlight specific OCRs, internships and jobs that you qualify for.
  3. Facebook Preferences – Authorize ACU CareerLink to access your Facebook account and when you RSVP for an event, it will show up in your status. This is a great way to get the word out and let your friends know about an opportunity.

Searching Tips:

  1. Favorites – Search then click the star next to any job, employer or contact to favorite and save for later.
  2. Advanced Search – Be sure to check out “Advanced Search”. Users can search by “Job Function” for a particular field or by “Industry” alone – this is great if a you know that you want to work for say a non-profit and what to see what kind of jobs are available for that type of organization.
  3. Search Agents – Let ACU CareerLink do some work for you.
    • Setup “Search Agents” by clicking on “Advance Search”
    • Decide on your search parameters and be sure to click the check box for “Save as” and type in a name.
    • Then click on “Search Agents” and you’ll see your saved search. You can now rerun your search at anytime.
    • You may even schedule the search so that the system will automatically run this search for you.

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