Academic Standing

Good Standing

The ACU Catalog states students are in good standing if their cumulative GPA is at least 2.0. A higher GPA is required by some majors for their students. These requirements are specified in the departmental sections of this catalog. Good standing is not noted on the student’s transcript.

Academic Probation

Students (in good standing) are placed on academic probation following any semester in which their semester GPA is below 2.0 or after which their cumulative GPA is between 1.0 and 1.999. In addition, students who are successful in the appeal of their academic suspension are automatically placed on academic probation.

All freshmen who are placed on academic probation for the spring semester must enroll in UNIV 011. Exceptions to this requirement must be approved by the student’s academic dean.  UNIV 011 does not count toward degree requirements.

Students on academic probation are not permitted to be candidates for or to hold any elected or appointed office, or participate in Study Abroad. There may be other extracurricular opportunities which are limited for students who are on academic probation.

When students are placed on academic probation, the number of hours for which they may register is determined by their probation contract. Probation contracts are developed and managed by the student’s college dean or, in certain cases, the Academic Development Center (ADC).

Academic Suspension

Students are suspended after any semester in which their cumulative GPA falls below 1.0 or after one semester on probation after which their cumulative does not equal or exceed 2.0. In addition, a student on academic probation in the previous term whose current term GPA is 1.49 or below will also be placed on academic suspension.

The following chart defines the process of academic probation and suspension and what criteria determine placement of the student into the appropriate academic standing. In the chart, "Previous Term Status" refers to the academic standing at the end of the last semester that the student attended (or at admission). The GPA columns and the "New Term Status" refer to the GPAs and status of the student at the end of the current term.

How to Determine if You are in Good Standing

Previous Term Status Term GPA Cumulative GPA New Term Status
Good Standing2.0 or greater2.0 or greaterGood Standing
Good Standing1.99 or less2.0 or greaterAcademic Probation
Good StandingAny1.99 or lessAcademic Probation
Good StandingAny.99 or lessAcademic Suspension
Academic Probation2.0 or greater2.0 or greaterGood Standing

Academic Probation


1.99 or less2.0 or greater (any) 

Academic Probation


2.49 or less1.99 or lessAcademic Suspension
Academic Probation2.5 or greater1.99 or lessAcademic Probation
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