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Zoe Brooklyn Feekes

Daughter of Andrew and

Melody (Roussos '00) Feekes

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Jaxon Glen Fisher

Son of Dustin ('92) and

Jo Lynn (Mixon '95) Fisher

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Wesley French

Son of Cole ('06) and

Jeanette French

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Zane Perry Gardner
Son of Brandon and

Kera (Perry '04) Gardner

Madelynn Ann Beth Garrett


Daughter of Mack Garrett ('01) 

and Lindy (Cotton '01) Garrett

Brody Gibson

Brody Gibson

 Son of Blair ('01) and

Melanie ('02) Gibson

(also pictured cousin Karlie Currey)

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Britta Caroline Haley

Daughter of Paul ('88) and

Cobey (Biggers '88) Haley

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Benjamin Kneeland Harvey

Son of Erin and

Vanessa (Schamenek '94) Harvey

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Henry Alan Hassmann

Son of Jeff and

Jennifer (Babcock '96) Hassmann

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Logan Andrew Hilty
Son of Dwayne ('03) and Julie ('01) Hilty

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Luke Kristian Hernandez

Son of Kristian ('04) and

 Victoria (Buell '04) Hernandez

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Cameron Adelle Hood
Son of Caleb ('01) and

Brooke (Stine '01) Hood 


Cole and Ava Houston

Cole and Ava Houston

 Son and daughter of Mark ('96) and

Angela (Kennedy '96) Houston

(also pictured - cousins Hattie and Anderson Ahrens)


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Macy and Harper Houston

Daughters of Philip ('02) and

 Heidi (Chitty '02) Houston

Autumn and Elic Hughes

 Autumn Leigh Hughes

Daughter of Shawn Hughes ('95) and

 Kim (Keith) Hughes


Elic Miller Hughes

Son of Darren Hughes ('96) and

Marla (LaRoe) Hughes

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Audrey Beth Jackson

Daughter of Brian and

Mallory (Pope '99) Jackson

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Caroline Marie  Jackson
Daughter of Josh and

Amy (LeBus '98) Jackson

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