About WACU

Women for ACU is an organization of women who have a passion for ACU. Some are alumnae, some are parents or spouses of ACU students and graduates, some are ACU employees and some just love Christian higher education.

WACU operates at two levels: the national board and the local chapter. Dues are collected from its members by the national board with a portion of the funds going into a scholarship endowment which has reached $1 million in value. This endowment has provided much-needed financial aid to more than 10 students each year. The recipients of the scholarship go through an online application process to receive the funds and are some of the brightest and most gifted students enrolled at ACU.

Through the years, WACU has also funded a variety of projects and purchases on campus.

To become a member of WACU , contact Misty Spainhower in the Alumni Relations office or email wacu@acu.edu. If you would prefer, you can also join WACU or Renew your Membership online.

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