The Exceptional Fund:
Every Gift. Every Year. Every Student.

Now Daniel so distinguished himself... by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom. - Daniel 6:3

What does it mean to be exceptional?

Uncommon. Extraordinary. First-class.

It's a word that defines ACU in many ways — the education we strive to provide, the students we prepare, the faculty and staff we employ. Indeed, it 
is the first of three key words in our Promise: Exceptional. Innovative. Real.

ACU promises an exceptional education, an exceptional focus on Christ and His values, an exceptional experience preparing students to be like Daniel — strong servant-leaders advancing God's kingdom in this world.

How do we maintain that level of education? With your help, of course.

For decades ACU has relied on the generosity of alumni and friends to maintain the excellent standard of Christian education you've come to expect. Your gifts help provide the  edge to keep ACU exceptional.

This is why we've changed the name of the Annual Fund — which provides money on an ongoing basis for students scholarships, world-class faculty and innovative programs — to the Exceptional Fund.

The Exceptional Fund affects every student on campus by allowing the university to provide more scholarships, to offer more faculty incentives, to invest money in critical new programs on the cutting edge. ACU is doing great thingsexceptional thingsand gifts to this fund make them possible.

A transformation of campus not seen for 50 years, Vision in Action will result in five new facilities for sciences and athletics. Learn more.
Learn more about ACU's campaign to increase studuent affordability, and how you can partner in the journey with the young men and women on our campus.
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