Thank you!

Your support means so much to us!

We can't ever truly thank you enough, but as a small token of our appreciation, we offer you membership into one of our giving societies:

  • The President's Circle, for those who have taken a leadership role with their investments in ACU's students by giving at least $1,000 annually.
  • Lk 2:40, for those giving at least $20 monthly ($240 annually).
  • ACU Centurions, for those giving at least $100 annually to ACU.
  • The Heritage Society, for those who have made ACU a part of their estate plans

Your gifts to ACU help change lives.

They fund scholarships, produce innovation and support faculty and staff. Thousands of students have made a difference in the lives of countless others because of the unique, world-class, Christ-centered education they've received at ACU — an education they would not have received without the support of generous friends like you.

Students such as Samual Palomares, the 2010-11 Students' Association president, who was captivated by the spirit of service he saw at ACU but couldn't have come without a key last-minute scholarship.

Students such as Maria (Rojas) Fernandez, a first-generation college student currently in law school at SMU with an eye toward working with education and public policy. She feels strongly that God called her to ACU — and even more strongly that he used the generosity of strangers to make it possible.

Students such as Alyse Ritchie and Jenni Burks are living out the call of God on their lives and receiving the training that will allow them to change the world through their chosen professions.

Your gifts make it all possible. On behalf of thousands of grateful students and alumni, thank you!

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