Ask a Counselor: Nathan Spencer

My Hometown:
Joplin, MO 

My Faith Journey: 
My faith journey has largely been impacted by the incredible diversity I have experienced during my years as a student at ACU. Whether on campus or 5,000 miles away from campus, while studying abroad, I have come closer to God through experiencing the diverse and amazing nature of His creation.

About Me: 
I love traveling to new places, meeting new people and learning as much as I can through the process. I crave adventure, whether at home or abroad and I am blessed to get to experience it all with my amazing wife!

My Interests: 
Traveling, physics (especially astrophysics), reading, movies, hiking, playing volleyball, astronomy, photography, art (graphic design), archeology

Education: Undergrad 
Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Abilene Christian University

Eastern U.S. & East Texas

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

My Favorite College Memory: 
Exploring Rome, Italy with my friends while on Study Abroad. Getting lost, eating an incredible amount of pasta and experiencing the incredible 
historical sites.

My Favorite Professor (and why?): 
Dr. Laura Carroll. Dr. Carroll prepared me for the rigor of university level writing and helped unlock my potential in critical reasoning, all while making class exciting.

My Favorite Food: 
French Fries

My Favorite Book(s): 
The Illiad

My Favorite Movie(s): 
The Truman Show

My Favorites (Bible Verses): 
Revelations 21:4

My Favorite Vacation Destination: 
Rome, Italy

My Favorite Band or Song: 
U2/Hey Jude

What if I could meet anyone in the world (past or present) it would be? 
John (from Biblical fame).

If I were a fictional character, I would be (and why): 
I would be Indiana Jones. I love to study ancient history and how it affects the world today. I also have a passion for adventure, discovering hidden truths and traveling the world.

Aviators or Oakleys:

4x4 or Sports Car:
Sports Car

Herbivore or Carnivore:

Concert or Ball Game:
Ball Game

Sand or Snow:

Big City or Small Town:
Big City

"Dress up and go out" or "Flip flops and hang out":
Dress up and go out

College Advice - What should I look for in choosing a college?:
When choosing a college, look for a place where you can fit in. If you find a place where you feel that you can fit in, academically, spiritually and socially, then you have found a place you can call home for what may be the best four years of your life.

College Advice - If there is one thing you should not pass up in college, it would be: 
Get involved! Whether you get involved by studying abroad, joining a social club, working outside the classroom with professors or all three, make sure you get the most out of your college experience by getting involved.

College Advice - If I could give you one way I believe ACU changes a student's life, it would be: 
ACU changes a student's life through the connections made while pursuing a degree. Connecting with professors, connecting with classmates and connecting with God while at ACU changes a student's life.

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