Ask a Counselor: Meredith Morgan

Collin, Denton, Parker, & Wise Counties

Contact Info: 

My Hometown:
Arlington, TX

My Faith Journey: 
I grew up in a strong Christian family with my parents being the biggest influences in my spiritual walk. Their example of walking by faith and staying committed to God's calling in the midst of adversity was my biggest influence. As I got older I began to take their guidance and make my faith my own. Discovering the gifts that God has given me, using those to serve others and fully grasping the love God has for me has been the greatest journey of my life.

About Me: 
I love life and meaningful experiences! My family and friends are the most important things in my life. I love to play and listen to music and on occasion I'll even write my own! I never pass up a good road trip or an opportunity to see new places and meet new people.

My Interest:
Music, summer camps,reading, traveling, a good TV series, food, movies, online shopping, watching other people play sports and people who make me laugh.

Education (Undergrad):

My Favorite College Memory:
Directing my club in Sing Song my Senior Year.

My Favorite Professor:
Bob Strader. I only had him for one class, but he cared more for your personal growth than grades or tests. I am forever changed by his love & leadership.

My Favorite Food:
Chips and Salsa

My Favorite Book:
Love Does (Bob Goff) and Harry Potter Series

My Favorite Bible Verse:
Isaiah 54:10

My Favorite Vacation Destination:

If I could meet anyone in the world past or present:
Julie Andrews. She is such a class act and true genius to her craft. 

Concert or Ball Game: 

Sand or Snow: 

College Advice: If There Is One Thing You Should Not Pass Up in College:
Getting involved in something you care about, making lasting relationships and discovering the true nature of God.

College Advice: If I could give you only one way I believe ACU changes a student's life it would be
The environment here at ACU is one that will challenge, nuture, and strengthen you in both your professional and personal life. I was changed by my exeperience here at ACU and I discovered gifts, talents and passion that I didn't know I had.

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