Ask a Counselor: Lizzie Fleet

Austin & Central Texas

Contact Info:

My Hometown:
Shallowater, TX

My Faith Journey: 
I grew up in a Christian home and when I was eleven years old decided to give my life to the Lord.  I was baptized in a horse trough in front of four thousand people which has proved to be quite the memorable experience.  I wish I could say that it's been rainbows and butterflies ever since, that everything has been easy.  Obviously, however, that's not true. I did find that always surrounding myself with other people who shared my same faith, who I could be accountable with was very helpful for me in my walk.  I had a great foundation for that when I came to ACU.  I immediately found a friend group who both challenged and encouraged me daily often having deep conversations long into the night.  In addition, what I recently discovered is how great it can be to get away from a group that is the same as you are.  I had that opportunity this summer.  I was able to interact with individuals from all different walks of life, ethnicities, and belief systems. It was an awakening for me. Just because I've done something the same way my entire life does not mean it's the ONLY way of doing something.  I was able to look at all these different views openly and objectively because of my strong foundation.  I freely admit that I don't have everything figured out.  In fact, as soon as I think I have something figured out, my world is flipped upside down and I'm taught a whole new lesson entirely. Life is more exciting that way anyway! I enjoy growing daily as an individual, being open to letting God shape me into the woman he wants me to be.

About Me: 
When it comes to life I am incredibly easy going, but get me on the basketball court and my competitive side will take over! I occupy most of my other free time watching Disney movies with my besties!

My Interests:
I enjoy just about every kind of sport and outdoor activity or anything that gets your endorphins flowing! Being a previous theatre major I have a soft spot for the arts and enjoy both singing and dancing.  Reading is also one of my favorite past times.  Christian fiction is my genre of choice.  Give me anything by Francine Rivers, Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti and I won't be able to put it down!

Education (Undergrad):

My Favorite College Memory:
Every Saturday my group of six besties would go to the Bean for what we called "Waffle Saturdays."  During our freshman and sophomore year the Bean had a waffle maker that they would set out every morning for breakfast. We however, being the lazy college students that we were, never got up in time for breakfast.  HOWEVER, on Saturdays the Bean left it out for lunch as well.  We made this quite the tradition, religiously showing up for that decadent waffle every Saturday afternoon.

My Favorite Professor:
My favorite professor that I had the privilege of getting to know while at ACU is Gary Varner. Gary is exceptional as a professor because he truly takes the time to really know all of his students.  My freshman year Gary knew I was looking for a job and offered me one in the scene shop of the theatre department.  He went to bat for me and let me keep that job throughout my four years regardless of missing a semester for study abroad as well as changing my major from theatre to psychology.  He is a one-of-a-kind fun, caring, man who goes out of his way for his students.

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Book:
Anything by Ted Dekker

My Favorite Movie:
You've Got Mail

My Favorite Bible Verse:
Mark 9:23

My Favorite Band/Song:
Cosmic Love by Florence+the Machine

Aviators or Oakleys:

4x4 or Sports Car:

Herbivore or Carnivore:

Concert or Ball Game:
Ball Game

Sand or Snow:

Big City or Small Town:
Big City

'Dress Up and Go Out' or 'Flip Flops and Hang Out':
Dress Up and Go Out

College Advice: If There Is One Thing You Should Not Pass Up in College:
My biggest advice would be to not pass up on ANY opportunities at ACU.  It took me two years of going here before I realized it.  If something looks fun or interesting or exciting DO IT!  There was a point where I was literally signing up for everything that crossed my path and I had some awesome experiences because of it.  I traveled all down the east coast performing in prisons. I did flash mob hip hop dances for half time shows at Wildcat basketball games.  I made ten new friends who shared my love for volleyball.  There are so many different things to do and be involved with at ACU.  Take advantage of as many as you can!

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