Ask a Counselor: Greg Oglesby

Abilene & The Big Country

Contact info:

Abilene, TX

Degrees (both earned from ACU):
B.A. English (2011)
M.Ed Higher Education (2013)

About Me:
I am often described as easygoing, though, in the right context, I am also extremely competitive. I enjoy running, watching and playing basketball, and many other sports. I like all kinds of music, with one exception - country.

My Favorite Food:
Italian Cuisine

My Favorite Athlete:
Dirk Nowitzki

My Favorite Book:
To Kill A Mockingbird

My Favorite Movie:
Man on Fire

My Favorite Bible Verse:
Romans 12

College Advice:
Get involved! ACU offers a variety of student organizations and on/off-campus events. The more you invest in social activities, service opportunities or developing relationships, the more you will gain in return!

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