Ask a Counselor: Emily Jorgenson

West Texas & Colorado

Contact Info:

My Hometown:
Parker, Colorado

My Faith Journey: 
I grew up in a Lutheran Church in Colorado. When I was in high school, my faith was tested immensely when my mother was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. During her illness, my family pulled together and then I learned about true community and faith. One of the biggest reasons I chose ACU was so that I can deepen my relationship with Christ in a safe place that I could ask real questions and have real conversations with peers and professors about faith. I strive to continue to deepen my faith with my husband and those around me through his college ministry and through my church.

About Me: 
Native to Colorado, I enjoy the great outdoors and being active. I often get lost in great books and try to convince others to read them. I enjoy spending as much time with my husband and my family as possible.

My Interest:
Spending time with my husband, family and friends, being outdoors, traveling, tennis, running, swimming, movies and food.

Education (Undergrad):

My Favorite College Memory:
Traveling the nation to perform Christian skits to high schoolers, prisoners and women at women's shelters with my ACU student-led group.

My Favorite Professor:
Dr. Joyce Haley because she genuinely cared about my understanding of her classes, also because she is hilarious.

My Favorite Food:
Anything from Chipolte

My Favorite Book:
The Shack

My Favorite Movie: 
The Breakfast Club

My Favorite Bible Verse:
Isaiah 43:1

If I were a fictional character, I'd be:
I would want to be Hermione Granger. She is confident, smart, loyal, and a great friend.

College Advice: What Should I Look For?:
It's important to know what you're looking for and to make sure your college will fit you. Find ways that you can plug-in to student groups or social clubs. The friends you will meet there will most likely be your best friends for life.

College Advice: If There Is One Thing You Should Not Pass Up in College:
Be yourself. College is a time of self-discovery. Be sure to try new things, take advantage of not quite being in the real world to discover who you really are!

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