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Cultural Enrichment Activities
Our program provides various opportunities for student cultural enrichment activities such as the symphony, plays, museums and art exhibits. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in community service projects.

Personalized Academic Advising
Each student meets with an adviser to learn what skills will help them be successful in both high school and college.

Financial Aid Advising
Our staff works with the students and their parents to identify scholarships for college and how to fill out federal financial aid forms.

ACT and SAT Prep
Each year junior and senior level students are provided a prep course to help them with these college entrance exams.

Campus Site Visits
We take pride in offering our participants the unique opportunity to visit premiere institutions.  Students tour campuses and visit with faculty and students to learn about their institution. This gives students a chance to get a “feel” for the type of college they would be most comfortable attending.

As encouragement towards the investment of students' educational futures, our program provides partipants with a stipend (based on attendance and behavior).

College Application and Selection
Each student is guided through the confusing maze of how to select a college/university. Topics addressed are: how to write a college entrance essay; what criteria to use to select a school; how to complete the application process; and, how to develop the skills needed to survive in college. UB pays for one college application fee per student.

Bridge Program
Once a participant has graduated from high school, they will be eligible for the Summer Bridge Program. During the summer, bridgestudents live on campus and take college classes.  Once they successfully complete the Summer Bridge Program, students will have earned six college credits. Tuition, fees and books are paid by the UB project.

Vision in Action

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