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Student Experiences

Studying abroad in Leipzig absolutely changed my life.  I got to travel across Europe, see some of the most beautiful landscapes God has put on this planet, and learn about their deep history.  The biggest thing that I learned while there is just how much is out there and how much I have left to explore!  I'll definitely be back and I can't wait 'til then! – Christina Perkins

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Studying abroad in Uruguay has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my college experience. Seeing the beaches of Uruguay, the art of Argentina, the mountains of Peru, the waterfalls of Brazil - I wouldn't trade one moment of the experience to be anywhere else. The great thing is, with everything else I took away from the trip, I also left with the understanding of the Spanish language that comes from total immersion, something I never could have gained from a classroom in the United States.

- Sara Morris

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"I believe that Study Abroad is an absolutely essential part of not only the modern education, but modern life. As our world grows constantly closer and closer together both physically and culturally, borders of all kinds become more and more meaningless - and the excuses for hiding behind them less and less plausible. To serve and lead throughout the world takes much more than watching the BBC, reading Le Monde, or joining Facebook Groups about Darfur or the Invisible Children. Global service and leadership takes going there and feeling things you can't read about on Twitter. The people of the world are just that, and to know them you have to go to them." – Tony Godfrey


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I was blessed to be able to ski in the Alps in the Chamonix valley, worship at a monastery in Taize, eat from orange trees in Cap D'ail, and see the Eiffel tower in Paris. I was able to ski the Swiss Alps and hike the beautiful mountains of Interlaken, and eat unlimited amounts of fondue and Swiss chocolate in Geneva. It's easy to talk about the friendships I made and the experiences we shared, but I imagine I've been shaped in ways that I'm not even aware of at this point. – Colin Barnard


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Study Abroad was the single most life changing experience I have ever had. Not only did I enjoy traveling across Europe, but I found my best friends and started relationships I know will last a lifetime. Living in the UK broadened my horizons and changed my perspective on world issues. I learned so much in the four months I spent in Oxford. I can't imagine my college experience without Study Abroad. – Brent Dill
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The world is a classroom for ACU students through exciting Study Abroad programs. Students talk about their experiences in Oxford, Latin America and Germany.
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About 25% of a graduating class will have had the adventure of a lifetime through an ACU study abroad program.

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