Community Partners

Community partners of the Urban Studies Program give students and faculty the opportunity to conduct research and provide consultation. Reports provided for community partners are used by agencies to better understand problems and issues, improve policies, and assist in securing new resources.

2012-2013 (year to date):

Big Country Area Health Education Center, Abilene, Texas

City Square, Dallas, Texas

Communities in Schools, Abilene, Texas

Connecting Caring Communities, Abilene, Texas

Eternal Threads, Abilene, Texas

Global Samaritan Resources, Abilene, Texas

Presbyterian Medical Care Mission, Abilene, Texas


Abilene Independent School District, Abilene, Texas

City Square, Dallas, Texas

Communities in Schools, Abilene, Texas

  • Graduate Project: Attendance and Dropout Rates Among Homeless High School Students

Eternal Threads, Abilene, Texas

  • Graduate Project: Factors That Contribute to Sex Trafficking of Women in Developing Countries

Hendrick Medical Center, Abilene, Texas

  • Graduate Project: An Examination Of The Extent To Which Different Barriers Prevent Nurses From Pursuing A Bachelors Of Science In Nursing Degree In West Texas

REACH for a Difference, Abilene, Texas

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas

  • Report: The Energy Industry in West Central Texas in 2021: Perspectives of Key Industry Leaders (October 2011)
Previous Years:

Abilene Housing Authority

  • Graduate Project: Asset-Based Community Development to Study Refugee Well-being in Public Housing Communities
  • Graduate Project: Barriers to Refugees’ Assimilation in West Texas: A Semi-Ethnographic Study

CenterPeace, Abilene, Texas

  • Graduate Project: Client Perspective and Therapeutic Approaches to Same Sex Attraction

City of Abilene, Abilene, Texas

  • Report: Analysis of Impediments to Fair and Affordable Housing in Abilene, Texas (October 2010)
  • Report: Assessment of Public Priorities for the 2011-2014 Consolidated Plan (June 2010)
  • Graduate Project:  Fair Housing: Developing a Community Model for Assessing Discrimination and Affordability (2010)
Annual Reports (PDFs)