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Students from all over the world come to ACU to pursue higher education in computer-related technology fields. From Macao to Madagascar and all parts in between, you'll find classmates and fellow students that are culturally diverse, yet who communicate in the common language of computing.

Our students have many opportunities to grow professionally and gain experience outside the classroom.  They participate in internships, academic clubs, programming contests and also join social clubs, play sports in intramurals, gather for daily chapel among many other activities.

Students are immersed in a faith-building atmosphere from peers to professors, with a unique community supporting them along their journey at ACU. Graduates leave here with lifelong friendships molded by all their ACU experiences.

Learn more about the different opportunities and activities that we offer to make your ACU experience innovative, exceptional, and real:

“It’s the feeling of community that makes the ACU experience so much greater than the experience at another university.”  - Darrien Grays ('10), Information Technology

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School of Information Technology and Computing
The School of Information Technology and Computing prepares students for careers in computer science, digital entertainment, information systems and information technology.
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