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tsunami hernandez

Tsunami Hernandez,

information technology


randy beaird

Randy Beaird,

information technology


Darrien Grays photo

Darrien Grays,

information technology


dakota cooper

Dakota Cooper,

information systems


Jason Kuang

Jason Huang,

information systems and finance


Asa Kusuma

Asa Kusuma,

computer science 


Kendall Lundschen

Kendall Lundschen,

math and computer science


Brittany Kight

Brittany Kight,

information technology


Rich Tanner

Rich Tanner,

information technology - graphics and game development


Alumni  [see all alumni archives]

jace miller

Jace Miller,

class of 2006


Pamela Chance

Pamela Chance,

class of 1985


Lori Francis

Lori Francis,

class of 1985


Topher Fangio

Topher Fangio,

class of 2006


Michael Perkins

Michael Perkins,

class of 1995


Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds,

class of 1998


Bryan Higgins

Bryan Higgins,

class of 2004


The Program[see all program archives]

SITC Missions

SITC Faculty Missions


SITC Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities


brian burton

Digital Entertainment


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Five Second Frenzy
Watch to learn more about 5 Second Frenzy, a mobile game developed by students in our Digital Entertainment Technology program.
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