What can I make?

While salary growth is mostly flat at 3-5%, computer-related fields are still pretty good places to make a buck!  Here's the latest salary information from the InformationWeek 2006 National IT Salary Survey.

2006 Median Base Salary*
Job Function
$87,000Enterprise application integration
$82,000Wireless infrastructure
$82,000Enterprise resource planning
$80,000Data mining/data warehousing
 $78,000 Web security
$77,000Application development
$75,000Web infrastructure
$75,000Database analysis and development
$69,000Data center management
$68,000Telecommunications/call center
$64,000Human resources information services
$63,000Web design/development
$58,000General IT
$54,000Web content development
$47,000Help desk/IT support
* Over 5400 staff professionals (non-management) from all parts of the US; excludes benefits