Below are some typical jobs or occupations in computer science, information systems, and information technology that you might encounter when you graduate. Additional job descriptions can be found at the CyberCareers web site. In practice, many of these positions are not necessarily unique to one of the three main categories. Depending on your own interests or specialized training, you may find a great career in an area outside your primary area of focus.


Computer Science
Information Technology
Information Systems
C++ developer/programmer Network engineer IS planning analyst 
Software tester Systems manager or administrator
IS manager
User interface design analyst
Network operations center coordinator
Systems/business/project manager
Hardware design developer
IT support specialist
Project leader/manager
User interface engineer
Internet or web developer
Business data analyst
Artificial intelligence engineer
Data communications specialist
Information assurance analyst
Application programmer
Technical architect
Systems administrator
Implementation engineer
Application developer
Systems engineer
Chief scientist, knowledge sciences
Software configuration manager
Management and information technology   consultant
.Net software developer
Project manager
GIS specialist
Visualization scientist
Systems engineer
Data analyst
Database developer
Security specialist
Systems integrator
Computing support manager
Data warehouse architectTechnology management specialist
Middleware designer
Integration analyst
IT auditor
Embedded systems specialist
Field operations specialist
Chief information officer