Quality Enhancement Program

The Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) is part of our SACS reaccreditation process and has become one of two central components in that process over the last decade.  The compliance part of reaffirmation will be handled in a Compliance Certificate, a kind of audit wherein we demonstrate our compliance with SACS Principles.  The second part of the reaffirmation is a QEP designed for improving student learning.

The QEP Selection Committee will be charged with generating 2-4 topics appropriate to become the QEP for the University. The topic selected will need to have a broad basis of institutional support, be supported as something that can result in significant (even transforming) change in the quality of student learning, have allocated appropriate human and financial resources, and be able to be evaluated and measured.

For more information about the QEP, visit the QEP Development Team blog

Pursuit Implementation Team (PIT): 

· Phyllis Bolin (Director of Pursuit, Chair)

· Jeff Arrington (Staff)

· Timothy Head (CAS, Physics)

· David Kneip (CBS, Biblical Text)

· Alan Lipps (CEHS, Social Work)

· Mark McCallon (Library)

· Alfa Nyandoro (COBA, SITC)

· Rick Piersall (CAS, Music)

· Kay Price-Hawkins (Alumnus)

· Ex Officio: Greg Powell (Office of Undergraduate Research), Nancy Shankle (General Education)

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