University Undergraduate Academic Council

Administrative Officer:

  • Chair:  Susan Lewis, Vice Provost

 Faculty by College



Arts and Sciences

      Greg Powell (STEM)2017Ed Brokaw
      Vernon Williams (Arts &
      Paul Lakey (Social Science)2015Lynette Sharp-Penya
Biblical Studies
      Steve Wages2017Wendell Willis
Business Administration
      Don Pope2015David Perkins
Education and Human Services
      Sam Stewart2017Dana Pemberton
      Sheila Jones2017Melissa Atkinson
      Jeanene Reese2017Mark Riggs
      Debbie Williams2015Jason Holland
Ex-officio (non-voting)
      Terry Baggs (Graduate Council)2016Robert McKelvain
      John Weaver - Dean of Library Services and Educational Technology
      Eric Gumm - Registrar
      Joe Cardot - Chair, Faculty Senate
      Berlin Fang - Adams Center
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