University Undergraduate Academic Council

Administrative Officer:

  • Chair:  Susan Lewis, Vice Provost

 Faculty by College



Arts and Sciences

      Greg Powell (STEM)2017Ed Brokaw
      Vernon Williams (Arts &
      Cheryl Bacon (Social Sciences)2018Paul Lakey
Biblical Studies
      Steve Wages2017Wendell Willis
Business Administration
      Ian Shepherd2018Don Pope
Education and Human Services
      Sam Stewart2017Dana Pemberton
      Sheila Jones2017Melissa Atkinson
      Jeanene Reese2017Mark Riggs
      Charlie Pruett2018Debbie Williams
Ex-officio (non-voting)
      Wayne Paris (Graduate Council)2016 Terry Baggs (Graduate Council)
      Eric Gumm - Registrar
      Phil Vardiman- Chair, Faculty Senate
      Berlin Fang - Adams Center
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