University General Education Council

Administrative Officer: 

  • Chair:
Faculty by CollegeExpirationReplacing
Arts and Sciences
      Qiang Xu2017Matt Dodd
      Kim Pamplin2016Josh Willis
      Paul Roggendorff2016Kristina Davis
      Ken Pybus2018Cherisse Flanagan
      Nil Santana2017Matt Roberson
      J.D. Wallace2018Jim Nichols

Biblical Studies

      Rodney Ashlock


Jeanene Reese

      Curt Niccum


Glenn Pemberton

Business Administration

      Paul Wertheim


Dwayne Towell

      Monty Lynn

2018David Perkins
Education and Human Services
      Martha Smallwood2017Lynette Austin
      Matt Garver2016Sheila Delony
      Karen Hendrick2018Laura Baker

School of Nursing

      Becky Hammack


Becky Hammack

Students (2) – Appointed by the executive Committee of the Students’ Association

Ex-officio Members (non-voting)

  • Joe Cardot - Past Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Tom Milholland, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

The deans and directors of the schools, colleges, and units who are ultimately responsible for faculty and curriculum are welcome to attend any meeting of the UGEC.

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Robert Rhodes
Dr. Stephen Johnson sits down for a quick conversation with the Provost, Dr. Robert Rhodes.