Research Council Members

Administrative Officer (Chair):  
Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, Megan Roth


Represent Member Expiration: Spring of Replacing
CBSDale Bertram2018Tim Sensing
CASSuzie Macaluso2018Mikee Delony
CEHSAndrew Huddleston2018Matthew Garver
COBADennis Marquardt2019Kyle Tippens
HonorsVic McCracken2017Mark Cullum
At-LargeJoe Stephenson2019Vernon Williams
At-LargeWayne Paris2017Sonny Guild
At-LargeLauren Lemley2017Melissa Atkinson


Represent Appointed Expiration: Spring of Replacing
Ag and Env. ScienceEd Brokaw2018Jim Cooke
BiologyJosh Brokaw2019Jennifer Huddleston
Chem./Biochem.Greg Powell2018Sarah Lee
MathematicsConnie Yarema2017John Ehrke
Engineering and PhysicsDarby Hewitt2017Michael Daugherity
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Robert Rhodes
Dr. Stephen Johnson sits down for a quick conversation with the Provost, Dr. Robert Rhodes.