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Writing and Proposal Development Resources: The following resources may be especially valuable for those who are new to grant writing. Combined, these resources give a broad overview of grant writing basics. Though every grant is different, a review of the following resources should provide a basic understanding of the general form and structure of a proposal, and answer many common questions.

Logic Models: It is not uncommon that funding agencies will require the inclusion of a Logic Model in a proposal. However, whether required or not, Logic Models can be an extremely useful aid in the conceptualization and development of a proposal.

A Logic Model is a “flow-chart,” which provides a visual means of representing project resources needed to engage in project activities which will produce measurable outputs or products which then also result in desired outcomes and impacts. In short, the Logic Model can be very useful both in helping in the initial conceptualization and planning of a project, and in communicating to readers of a proposal exactly what it will take to make a project successful and how those resources will be utilized to produce specific results.

Many guides and resources for Logic Models are freely available by conducting a quick internet search. However, one of the best and most comprehensive guides which describe both simple and complex logic models is the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide.

Gantt Charts: A Gantt chart is another commonly used tool in grant writing. Gantt Charts in their simplest forms are graphic depictions of the various project activities along a time-line. Gantt Charts are quite useful both in the development of a project plan, and in communicating to others exactly how and when various activities associated with the project will be executed.

Many guides and resources regarding Gantt Charts are freely available by conducting a quick internet search. Except for very complex projects, the easiest way to create a Gantt chart is typically to make your own using an Excel spreadsheet. However, below are links to two web-based Gantt chart programs which are free of charge.

Other Tools & Assistance: Please contact ORSP should you have questions or need assistance with regard either to the conceptualization and development of a proposal, or writing a proposal.

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