Nursing Courses of Instruction

NURS 320 Evidence-Based Gerontologic Nursing (2-0-2)
NURS 330 Pharmacology in Nursing (3-0-3)
NURS 350 Clinical Skills I: Fundamentals of Nursing (0-12-4)
NURS 351 Nursing Assessment and Diagnostics (3-0-3)
NURS 352 Evidence-Based Fundamentals of Nursing (3-0-3)
NURS 360 Clinical Skills II: Acute Medical-Surgical Nursing (0-12-4)
NURS 361 Evidence-Based Acute Medical-Surgical Nursing (4-0-4)
NURS 370 Clinical Skills II: Community and Population Health (0-6-2) 
NURS 371 Evidence-Based Community and Population Health (2-0-2) 
NURS 380 Nursing Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3-0-3)
NURS 430 Clinical Skills III: Mental Health Nursing (0-6-2)
NURS 431 Evidence-Based Mental Health Nursing (2-0-2)
NURS 450 Clinical Skills III: Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (0-12-4) 
NURS 453 Evidence-Based Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (4-0-4)
• BCOR 310 The Search for Meaning (3-0-3)
NURS 464 Nursing Leadership and Management (3-0-3)
NURS 475 Clinical Skills IV: Advanced Nursing Care (0-18-6)
NURS 476 Evidence-Based Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing (3-0-3) 
NURS 498 Nursing Capstone (3-0-3)

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