Nursing Courses of Instruction

NURS 320 Evidence-Based Gerontologic Nursing (2-0-2)
NURS 330 Pharmacology in Nursing (3-0-3)
NURS 350 Clinical Skills I: Fundamentals of Nursing (0-12-4)
NURS 351 Nursing Assessment and Diagnostics (3-0-3)
NURS 352 Evidence-Based Fundamentals of Nursing (3-0-3)
NURS 360 Clinical Skills II: Acute Medical-Surgical Nursing (0-12-4)
NURS 361 Evidence-Based Acute Medical-Surgical Nursing (4-0-4)
NURS 370 Clinical Skills II: Community and Population Health (0-6-2) 
NURS 371 Evidence-Based Community and Population Health (2-0-2) 
NURS 380 Nursing Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3-0-3)
NURS 430 Clinical Skills III: Mental Health Nursing (0-6-2)
NURS 431 Evidence-Based Mental Health Nursing (2-0-2)
NURS 450 Clinical Skills III: Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (0-12-4) 
NURS 453 Evidence-Based Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (4-0-4)
• BCOR 310 The Search for Meaning (3-0-3)
NURS 464 Nursing Leadership and Management (3-0-3)
NURS 475 Clinical Skills IV: Advanced Nursing Care (0-18-6)
NURS 476 Evidence-Based Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing (3-0-3) 
NURS 498 Nursing Capstone (3-0-3)

CCNE Third-Party Comments


CCNE policy requires that institutions provide an opportunity for the program’s identified communities of interest (e.g., students, alumni, faculty, employers, etc.) to provide written input into the deliberations of the evaluation team. As your program is scheduled for an on-site evaluation by CCNE, you must notify your communities of interest approximately three months before the evaluation that an accreditation review is scheduled and indicate that written and signed third-party comments will be accepted by CCNE until October 6, 2014. The announcement must include CCNE's name and mailing address, and ask that all comments be directed to:


Catherine Sneed
Accreditation Coordinator
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
1 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 530
Washington, DC 20036


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