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Werhane, Patricia Hogue and Freeman, R. Edward. Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Ethics. Walden, Mass Blackwell Publishers, 1998. (Online through NetLibrary)

Recent Books in the ACU Library and Abilene Library Consortium
(Hardin-Simmons U. (HSU), McMurry U. (MCM), Howard Payne U. (HPU), Abilene Public Library (APL))

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Journals and Magazines Available Electronically and in Print

Accounting & Business Research 1982-present

Accounting & the Public Interest 2001-present

Accounting Horizons 1987-present

Accounting Review 1926-present

Behavioral Research in Accounting 1989-present

Business Ethics: A European Review 1998-present (Most recent 12 months not available full-text)

Business Ethics Quarterly1991-present

Contemporary Accounting Research 1984-present (Six month delay in full-text)

Faith and Economics (ACU has 2001-present) 261.85 F174

Journal of Accounting Research 1963-present (Most recent 12 months not available full-text)

Journal of Biblical Integration in Business (ACU has 1995-1999, 2001-present) 650.0705 J865

Journal of Business Ethics (Online 1996-)(ACU has 1982-1996, 1999-2002 in print) 174.405 JOURNAL

Journal of Management Accounting Research 1989-present

Journal of Markets and Morality (Free Online Journal available at

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