This page includes powerpoint presentations, documents and internet sources on the process involved in creating the ACU Learning Commons.

Before the Learning Commons

The ACU Library for the 21st Century, Library Planning Group, 2004 - Word Document

A Library for the Twenty-first Century Library: A Learning Commons Approach, Fall 2004, Faculty Library Committee - Word Document

Study of Student Opinions Concerning the Abilene Christian University Library Learning Commons Components, 2005 -  PDF (Non Searchable)

A Study to Discover Abilene Christian University Professors' Wants and Needs for the Future Library Learning Commons Center, 2005 -  PDF (Non Searchable)

At Other Institutions
Libraries Designed for Learning by Scott Bennett - Council on Library and Information Resources, November 2003 -

Web article

Report of the Information Commons Project Team, Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, April 2003 - PDF

Information Commons: A Directory of Innovative Services and Resources in Academic Libraries - Web page(Last updated Oct. 2004)

The Information Commons; Challenge, MARS Chair's Program 2003, Allison Cowgill, Colorado State University - Powerpoint

Indiana State University, Collaborative Workstations: Creating Group Work Space in Libraries, 2004 - Powerpoint

After the Learning Commons

Baker, L.  “There’s Life in the Old Girl Yet:  A Facelift for a 1970s Era Library”.  Texas Library Association Annual Conference.  Houston, TX.  April 2, 2009.

Mark McCallon and Elizabeth Norman.  "I'm Having A Vision: Libraries in the 21st Century".  Presentation at South Central Unicorn Users Group Meeting, Lubbock, TX.  November 21st, 2008.

Learning Infused Libraries: Honest Talk About What It REALLY Takes to Create a Learning Commons, LOEX 2008 - Powerpoint on the Web

Baker, L.  “A Librarian’s View of the Learning Commons:  Is It Worth It?”.  Texas Library Association District I Annual Meeting.  Abilene, TX.  September 22, 2007.

Developing a Learning Commons at Abilene Christian University, Presentation at EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference (2006) by Laura Baker, Mark L. McCallon, and George Saltsman - Powerpoint

Tucker, M. and Baker, L.  “Synergies of Technology and Libraries:  The Learning Commons Concept of Abilene Christian University”.  60th Annual National Conference of Academic Deans.  Conway, AR.  July 24, 2006.

Tucker, M., Berryhill, C. and Baker, L.  “Building Community Through Library Hospitality:  Co-Curricular Spaces for the 21st Century”. Paper presented at Christian College Librarians 25th Annual Conference.  Temple Terrace, FL.  June 1, 2006.

Tucker, M., Berryhill, C. and Baker, L.  “Building Community Through Library Hospitality:  Co-Curricular Learning Spaces for the 21st Century”.  Paper presented at Conference on Theology in the Christian University.  Abilene, TX.  March 24, 2006.

Tucker, J.M. and McCallon, M.  "Abilene Christian University" in Transforming Library Service Through Information Commons: Case Studies for the Digital Age.  American Library Association, 2008.

"Uncommon Learning Space" - Article in ACU Today Magazine, Summer 2006 PDF

Survey Results
ACU Learning Commons Technology Satisfaction Survey, May 2007 - Excel Spreadsheet

ACU Learning Commons Facilities Satisfaction Survey, Spring 2007 - Excel Spreadsheet

ACU Learning Commons User Satisfaction Survey, Spring 2007 - Excel Spreadsheet

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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