Tsunami Dec. 2004

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Finding Aids
Lexis Nexis (ACU Only)
Full text coverage of hundreds of newspapers. Search many sources at once.
Under Search Category, select "Today's News" for most immediate updates. "World News" category provides international perspective.

Key Sources 

Special page: Asia Quake Disaster


Special page: After the Tsunami
See also Death Toll by Country
National Geographic News
Famous for worldwide coverage of nature and science stories
Special page: Tsunami in Southeast Asia: Full Coverage


New York Times
Some articles require payment, but they are free on other library databases.
Special page: Asia's Deadly Waves
Multimedia search lets you find audio, interactive maps, slides, and videos

Government Research 

Finding Aids 

ACU Government Documents Finding Aids
Links to catalogs, search engines, and government agency locators that specialize in finding electronic government information.

Key Agencies 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Primary research agency for weather and environmental events worldwide
Empty Link Pacific Marine Environmental Resesarch Laboratory -- good links with special animations
Empty Link National Geophysical Data Center -- tsunami slides; general information good for background
Provides disaster relief and financial aid to other countries. Updates, financial figures, maps on current state of U.S. relief efforts.

Relief Efforts 


Center for International Disaster Information
Charity ratings

American Institute of Philanthropy
See selected list of Top-rated tsunami charities. For others, check for "open book" symbol in Charity listing for organization's willingness to share their records.
Better Business Bureau
See Charity Reports for organization ratings
Charity Navigator
Ratings based on efficiency and financial soundness. Use search or browse feature.

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