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   - U.S. Codes and Regulations
   - TX Case Law
   - U.S. Case Law



Online catalog for ACU, HSU, McMurry, Howard Payne, and Abilene Public Library. Includes government documents. Some titles are linked to electronic full-text versions.
Academic Search Complete (ACU only)
Peer-reviewed, scholarly journals on all subjects. Most are full-text.


 ACU Online Political Science Journals (ACU only)
Individual e-journals in political science that the library subscribes to separately. These journals are in addition to content of other databases. Journals are searchable.
Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) (ACU only)
Comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. Scholarship from 1991- includes working papers from university research institutes, foundation-funded research projects, and conference proceedings.
CQ Weekly Online (ACU only)
Weekly articles on legislative activity. Includes archive dating back to 1983. Search by topic, page number, committee, phrases, bill number, byline, or reporter.
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe (ACU only)
Full-text news and legal materials. News covers regional, U.S., and international papers, magazines, and news transcripts; covers today's news through 20 year archive. Legal section contains law reviews, federal and state case law, U.S. and state codes and regulations, and patents.


Government Periodicals Index (ACU only)
Indexes articles that appear in journals published by the government. Many of these journals are not indexed anywhere else except this database. Use Government Periodicals to link to any available online journal for full-text.
See also Resources by Department -- Political Science



Legal Resources


 Comprehensive Sources 

Excellent comprehensive legal research site. Includes federal and state case law, federal and state codes, legal forms, and legal search engines.


Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe (ACU only)
Near complete source of federal and state codes and case law. Includes most levels of courts. Also has full-text articles of law reviews.


Westlaw (ACU Only, see librarian for password)

Most complete source of legal materials. Includes case law, codes, and legislation at the federal and state level; extensive law journals and legal reference works. Allows Keyciting (shepardizing) of all cases and statutes. Current and backfiles. Single user password access only. See librarian for access.



 Texas Codes and Regulations

Texas Constitution
Current constitution with amendments incorporated. Browseable or searchable. Includes index.


Vernon's Texas Statutes
See Westlaw (ask librarian for password)
Current laws of the state of Texas organized by broad subject. Useful annotation contain historical information, references to other legal materials, and notes of decision (court cases affecting interpretation). See also non-annotated Web version
Texas Legislature Online
Starting point for anything related to the Texas House, Texas Senate, or legislation. covers bills from the 71st (1989) to current legislature. Includes a wealth of bill information including text, analysis, legislative actions, fiscal notes, etc.


Texas Administrative Code
Compilation of agency regulatory law (rules) for the state of Texas
Texas Register (via University of North Texas)

Weekly publication that updates the Texas Administrative Code. Can be browsed or keyword searched from 1991-present. Use this for the latest notices, rules, and updates affecting the TAC. Latest issue is available first on the Texas Secretary of State site.



   United States Codes and Regulations 

Constitution of the United States: Analysis and Interpretation(GPO)
Constitution and amendments with interpretative notes. Includes Supreme Court cases influential to each section.


Annotated Constitution (Findlaw)
This version of the document above excludes the appendices and tables, but the cases are hyperlinked to the full-text. Very convenient.
United States Code Annotated (ACU only)
See Westlaw (ask librarian for password)
Federal congressional law currently in effect. Organized by broad subject with separate index volumes. Annotations contain historical amendments, references to other legal materials, and notes of decision (court cases affecting interpretation). See also non-annotated Web version and Lexis version.


Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
Best source for information on U.S. bills and laws. Includes bill summary and status (1973-present), bill text (1989-present), votes, public laws, etc.
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
[DOC LAW] AE 2.106/3:
Compilation of regulations that support the individual laws. Regulations usually flesh out the specific details of how the law should be applied.


Federal Register

Daily journal that updates CFR. Check here for the latest regulations and proposed rules. Covers 1980-present or try the official version .



   Texas Case Law 

Court Structure of Texas
Chart showing hierarchy of Texas courts with links to individual court pages.


Texas Judicial System Directory
Search by court type, court name, county, or personnel name. Use full PDF version for more complete information on courts and personnel.
Texas Courts Online Encyclopedia 

 Sitemap for Texas courts. Includes court rules and other resource materials.



   United States Case Law 

Supreme Court Decisions 1893- (Findlaw)
Searchable by citation, title, and full-text. Footnotes contain links to related cases.


Supreme Court Collection 1990- (Cornell)
Updated daily. Searchable by date, party, topic, and full-text. Also contains archive of historically important decisions from the beginnings of the Supreme Court to the present.
Oyez Project
Written and audio transcripts of leading U.S. Supreme Court cases. One of the few places to find oral arguments.
Federal Courts Finder
Links to Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, and district courts on the federal level. Court map shows geographic area of each circuit. Search all Courts of Appeal searches all appeal opinions available on the internet.
Federal District Courts
Links to district, bankruptcy, and courts of appeals by circuit. Court homepages often contain forms, court rules, and very recent opinions.


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