Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies
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Monarch butterfly cluster

Monarch butterfly
photo by Gary Musgrave, Abilene, TX; courtesy office of Representative Wohlgemuth

Monarch Migration in Texas

Texas Monarch Watch
Main page for monarch watching in Texas. Migration maps, butterfly identification guides, news, sightings, and other useful information all from this site.

Migration maps
Map and description of migration routes through Texas and the United States into Mexico.

Texas Monarch Watch Brochure
Volunteer for the Texas Monarch watch. Lists hotline for Texas sightings and where to request observation calendars, workshops, tagging kits, and other useful resources for the serious monarch spotter.

Monarch Watch Monitoring Packet
Excellent guide to monarch in general and their migration through Texas. Designed for volunteer spotters but also useful to the general public.

Introduction to Butterfly Watching
Everything you need to get started

Other Monarch Migration

Monarch Migration
Join a network of students and scientists across the county as they track and report the path of these butterflies.

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Related Facts

Butterflies of Texas: Monarch (Danaus plexippus)
Photos and interesting facts about this unique insect.

Butterfly gardening
How to attract butterflies to your yard.

The Monarch Butterfly: Danaus plexippus
Monarch facts in a readable kids version

The Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed
Learn how a monarch's diet provides natural protection from predators. Excellent photos of male and female butterflies and the monarch life cycle.

Monarch Butterfly Project
Curriculum and research designed for middle school students.

Monarch Watch
A national site "dedicated to education, conservation, and research" for the monarch butterfly. Most comprehensive monarch site. See especially Migration & Tagging , and Multimedia gallery .

Selected Internet Resources: Monarch Butterfly
Webliography of useful sites chosen by the Library of congress.

Fun Stuff 

Texas State Symbols
The Monarch is the official state insect of Texas. Read more about it in the official resolution granting the monarch this special status.  From House Concurrent Resolution 94, 74th Regular Session, 1995.

Monarch Butterfly puzzle
Online jigsaw puzzle customizable from 6 to 247 pieces. Make it as hard or as easy as you like.

Monarch Butterfly Cluster puzzle
How fast can you solve it?

Monarch caterpillar puzzle
Change the shape of the pieces for challenging puzzle.

Butterfly coloring pages
Pages to print out and color, all with a generic butterfly theme. For monarch specific coloring pages, see Caterpillar , Monarch chrysalis , or Monarch butterfly .


Community Contributed Sites

Butterfly Flower Gardening
Tips for growing a butterfly garden, including plant list, garden design, and photos. Links to information about butterfly behavior such as feeding, basking, drinking, etc. Site suggested by students at Amorita Charter School.


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