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Culture and General Information

Background Notes
Data on geography, population, culture, and relations with the U.S. for individual countries. Most recent editions available online. Online archives give historical information to help identify trends or changes over time. Check Country Studies files for earlier years not available online.
Country Studies Files
ACU Government Documents
Convenient compilation of country-specific information. Located in the two green filing cabinets in Government Documents. Each country has a file containing a map of the area and information on the economy, labor, and living conditions of that area. Many individual publications are noted below and are available online. Others are available only in these files.


Country Studies/Area Handbooks
D 101.22:
In-depth information on selected countries. Sections include basic statistics, history, social conditions, and cultural influences. Check library shelves for countries not published online.

Culturgrams: The Nations Around Us
REF DESK 910.2 C968 1998
Manners and customs of a particular country. Best guide for international etiquette and culture.


Post Reports
current issues:
back issues: ACU Country Studies Files
Describes what it would be like to live in a particular country. Gives information on living conditions, climate, travel, and recreational activities. Excellent source for cultural information.
U.S. Embassies and Consulates
Often give country background, news, travel, and business information.


World Factbook. Annual
[DOC REF] PREX 3.15:
Brief profiles of individual countries, including newly formed states. Includes maps, government, people, culture, economy, and defense.

Business and Trade


National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) (password required)
NTDB is considered the main source for overseas trade data. Contains full text and statistics from over 200,000 publications related to international trade and foreign countries. Information includes world demographics, imports/exports, industrial outlooks, exchange rate, commodity reports, and market research reports by country. NTDB is available online but a password is required. See librarian for login.
A Basic Guide to Exporting
[DOC REF] C 61.45:996
One of the best all-purpose guides to exporting. Covers developing an export strategy, creating a marketing plan, methods and channels, conducting business abroad, etc. A great guide for getting started.


Big Emerging Markets
[DOC REF] C 61.45:996
Analysis of business climate in countries offering the biggest opportunities for American companies. Includes country overview, regulatory environment, competition, and current events affecting trade.
Country Commercial Guides
current issues: (username: acu ; password: aculibrary)
also on NTDB (see librarian for password)
online archives:
Marketing data by country. Reports contain economic trends, political environment, marketing U.S. products, regulation, investment climate, business travel, financing, etc.


Foreign Labor Trends
Country Studies Files; also on NTDB
Details on labor force, unemployment, organized labor, wages, union activities, etc.
North American Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities for U.S. Industries
[DOC REF] C 61.2:T 67/12
Profiles 36 manufacturing sectors considering the effects of NAFTA. Sections cover tariffs, standards, future prospects, and opportunities in Mexican and Canadian markets.


U.S. Global Trade Outlook
[DOC REF] C 61.34:
Profiles of countries and key industries with an emphasis on global trade. Covers trends, export opportunities, forecasts, business climate, and key statistics.

Policy and Regulations


Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices
[FICHE] Y 4.IN 8/16:C 83/
"Detailed reports on the economic policy and trade practices of countries with which the United States has significant economic or trade relationships". Covers economic indicators, exchange rates, economy, policies, export regulations, worker rights, etc. Published annually.
Foreign Trade Barriers
[DOC REF] PREX 9.10:
Overview of important trade policies affecting export of U.S. goods. Covers customs duties and procedures, government procurement, intellectual property rights, investment barriers, fees, etc. Essential information for political and regulatory environment.


Trade Policy Agenda and Annual Report
[DOC REF] PREX 9.11:
Key agreements and actions affecting U.S. trade with other countries.

News, Current Developments


Business Source Premier (ACU only)
Journal articles in business-related fields. Contains citations with a large proportion of full-text. Useful for articles on marketing or exporting to a given country, or for information on global marketing for a specific industry, company, or product.
Lexis-Nexis Universe (ACU only)
Extensive full-text database of news and legal material. "News" category contains regional, U.S., and international newspapers. "Business" category focuses results on business or industry news.


Agencies and Organizations

Department of State
The State Department monitors international affairs and current conditions in other countries. See especially the Regions sections for country specific information; and Travel for consular information sheets and travel warnings. An excellent, well-designed site.
Portal to "export-related assistance and market information offered by the federal government."
International Trade Organization
Agency that promotes U.S. interests in international trade. Contains import/export data, extensive statistics, trade agreements and quotas, country and industry specific information, etc. Site help acts as a useful table of contents. A must-see site.


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