Presidential Transition and Inauguration 2009

Inauguration of President Harding in 1921 (from Library of Congress)


Quick link:  Catch the video and speech of Obama's Inaugural Address.


After the Elections 2008 , the White House is preparing for the presidential transition.  Presidential transition refers to the orderly act of transferring power from a former president to the incoming president.  It is governed by a collection of laws and by executive order 13476 signaling the official start of the transition.

Transition involves a host of activities.  President-elect Obama will be making personnel changes and choosing his Cabinet.  You can track future Cabinet appointments and inaugural news is the official Obama website with Obama's perspective on news and key agenda issues.  Keep in mind that while this is the official site from the president-elect, it is not an impartial site.

The Inauguration is the ceremony when the new president takes office.  It is filled with some mandated activities as well as some discretionary events.  One of the required elements is the swearing-in ceremony when the president takes the Oath of Office.

Obama will take office on Tuesday January 20, and there is no hotter show in town.  Tickets are free, but you have to get them from your Senator or Representative.  Tickets are required for some events, but others are open to the public.  Anyone can attend.



  • - website of President-elect Obama for detailing the news related to the new administration
  • - the Office of Personnel Management outlines all the jobs, salaries, rules of conduct, and leadership as well as supportive positions that the new president must fill
  • Presidential Transitions (CRS Report) - from the Congressional Research Service; outlines the steps and funding necessary for the current administration to transfer power to the incoming administration.  Also includes activities of past administrations.



  • - main site for event information on the Inauguration.  Includes travel information, maps, weather, event schedule, list of prohibited items, etc.
  • - local information from Washington, D.C. about traffic, closures, security, etc.
  • - general introduction to Inauguration with interesting facts and an easy to navigate site.  Try the or the photo essay on .
  • - a great listing of traditional and unique events throughout various inauguration ceremonies, covering the history and traditions behind them.  Unique photos document the activities.
  • - test your knowledge with the quiz from the National Archives.  Warning:  it's very hard!


Follow the Events

  • - short, real time updates on Inaugural events from people who are there.  Includes the Opening Ceremony, Kids' Inaugural Concert, Swearing-In Ceremony, and the Commander-in-Chief's Ball.  Also check out their blog for more coverage.
  • - focuses on logistic and travel management for folks in the D.C. area.
  • - from the Washington Post; sends traffic alerts, transportation tips, etc. for event attendees.
  • - great list of websites featuring live webcasts.  Included major news networks like .  More the most extensive online coverage, try with its multi videos of events.  will be streaming live and as an added bonus will make its coverage available on demand after the events.  offers a unique option to switch between international channels for news from a non U.S. perspective.
    • Archived  of Obama's Inaugural Address




Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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