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Government Documents


Continuous News
Continuous news coverage with many side stories. Articles include pictures and videos.

CNN Breaking News Alert Service
Sign up to get the latest news breaks emailed to you.

Defend America
News from the Dept. of Defense about troop activities in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Lexis-Nexis Terrorism Research (ACU only)
Simultaneously search hundreds of news sources worldwide. Covers news wires current within minutes through a substantial archives. Searches are pre-constructed by professionals at Lexis-Nexis and are continually updated. Note: Use the links under Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, Statistical Universe, and Congressional Universe.

New York Times "A Nation Challenged"
Continued coverage from September 11 on.

Washington Post
Long standing newspaper specializing in political/legislative news in the Washington area. Excellent coverage for live video/transcripts of press conferences and news statements.
News Features

Abilene Reporter News feature "Nightmare in America"
Collection of articles from the Abilene Reporter News along with video and photo links. See especially the timeline and Who is bin Laden?

Al Qaeda Training Manual
Excerpts of a "how to" book for terrorists seized by England police and made public by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft on December 6, 2001.

Center For Strategic and International Studies: "Afghan War Update"
Strategic reports and analysis of military implications concerning the situation in the Afghanistan region.

"America Remembers" from CNN
Excellent overview of the events of September 11th and its aftermath. Includes a timeline, profiles of victims and heroes, cleanup efforts, and how 911 changed the nation.

PBS Frontline "Hunting Bin Laden"
"Investigating Osama Bin Laden, his netowrk, and his role in terrorist attacks in America."

U.S. News Special Report: "America Under Attack" (via the Wayback Machine Internet Archives)
Lengthy cover story, related articles, photos, and online responses.

Wayback Machine: "The September 11 Web Archive"
Archive of web pages from various organizations. Good way to search past news coverage. Unique festures include analysis of how 9-11 affected the online environment and a way to Search and Browse archived sites.
Background Material

Afghanistan: A Country Study (1997)
In-depth look at the history, society, family, gender roles, religion, and education associated with Afghanistan. Excellent guide to understanding the historic and religious motivations of the country.

Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001 (Oklahoma Department of Libraries)
Scholarly bibliography of 911-related materials from the federal government. Many publications include urls. Others can be found through the ACU library catalog.

Background Notes: Afghanistan
Succinct yet thorough summary of the country, people, history, political situation, and foreign relations.

Report on Afghanistan (U.S. Public Affairs for Afghanistan)
Official U.S. and international agency reports. See especially the section on terrorism for information on Bin Laden, U.N. Reports ,and Department of State Reports for human rights information and gender issues.

U.S. Public Affairs for Afghanistan
Based at the U.S. Consulate in Peshawar, this office explains U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan.


ThankYou Image Gallery (tributes from different countries)
The World Will Always Remember September 11 (Click the map to see how countries all over the world remembered the 3 month anniversary of Sept. 11)

ABC News
Osama bin Laden Videotape
News Release from U.S. Department of Defense
Video transcript
Video tape excerpts,2933,40746,00.html

Afghanistan Maps (Perry-Castaneda Library, Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Hijacked airlines flight paths
Interactive Relief and Rescue Map of Manhattan

Presidential Documents

White House documents
For ongoing coverage, check news releases and press briefings.
Major documents:
09/11/2001 President declares major disaster
09/11/2001 Press briefing after learning of terrorist attack
09/11/2001 Presidential remarks after two planes crash into World Trade Center
09/11/2001 Presidential Address to the Nation
09/12/2001 Proclamation honoring attack victims
09/12/2001 Presidential remarks after touring Pentagon
09/12/2001 Address after meeting with National Security Team
09/13/2001 President requests $20 billion for emergency aid
09/13/2001 Press release on bin Laden suspect, War Powers Act, Pakistan, and latest intelligence plans
09/13/2001 Proclamation for National Day of Prayer for attack victims
09/14/2001 Declaration of National Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks
09/14/2001 Remarks at National Day of Prayer and Remembrance
09/15/2001 Radio Address of the President to the Nation
09/17/2001 Presidential Remarks: "Islam is Peace"
09/18/2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force
09/20/2001 Address to Congress: President identifies terrorist group al Qaeda and issues demands to Taliban
09/21/2001 Allocation of $5.1 billion in emergency funds
09/24/2001 President freezes terrorist assets (executive order)
09/24/2001 President freezes terrorist assets (fact sheet)
10/01/2001 President launches Operation Enduring Freedom
10/03/2001 Federal response: examples of government action
10/04/2001 U.S. humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
10/07/2002 Military strikes begin in Afghanistan
10/08/2001 President establishes Office of Homeland Security (address)
10/08/2001 Office of Homeland Security (executive order)
10/09/2001 New positions of counter-terrorism and cyberspace security
10/10/2001 "Most Wanted" terrorist list
10/11/2001 Prime time news conference: update on war on terrorism
10/18/2001 Discussion of Homeland Security and anthrax
10/22/2001 Ridge discusses anthrax situation
10/25/2001 Anthrax--Florida, Brokaw, Daschle letter; weaponize considered
10/25/2001 Friendship Through Education parternship with Muslim nations launched
10/29/2001 Immigration safeguards; organization and operation of Homeland Security Council
11/01/2001 Presidential statement on biological weapons
11/01/2001 Executive Order to restrict access to presidential records
11/06/2001 Bush's "No nation can be neutral" speech
11/07/2001 Crackdown on Al Taqua and AL Barakaat financial networks
11/17/2001 Laura Bush on the Taliban's War Against Women and Children
12/11/2001 President urges countries to play national anthem to remember Sept. 11
12/11/2001 The World Will Always Remember September 11
12/28/2001 President and General Frank discuss war effort
01/25/2002 Fact sheet on border security
01/25/2002 State of the Union Address
02/05/2002 Funding for Bioterrorism increased 319%
02/07/2002 Bush and Israel's Prime Minister discuss Middle East situation


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
FEMA provides assitance in all areas of national declared disasters. See news updates, photos, and helpful volunteer information on relief efforts in this and other disasters.

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters (National Institute of Mental Health)
Excellent article on how people react and how to help.

How to Talk to Children about Terrorist Attacks (FEMA)

Lessons of Liberty
Sponsored by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, this patriotic site stresses the contribution throughout history of those who served America in the military.

News and Information on Attack Response (White House)
White House news, blood donation information, family & friends contact lines.

Office of Homeland Security
New federal agency responsible for "coordinating national strategy to strengthen protections against terrorist threats or attacks in the United States."

OVC Handbook for Coping After Terrorism: A Guide to Healing and Recovery
A guide to understanding emotional reactions and practical tips for coping.

Rumors of War (
Verifies or debunks various rumors and urban legends circulating about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Talking to Your Children: How to Explain the Disaster (ABC News)

Terrorism, the Internet, and Our Schools (OnlineClass Sept.2001 newsletter)
An article followed by an extensive list of web resources for teachers, parents, and children. Geared for elementary education, links include lesson plans and tools for helping children cope.

Disaster Relief Efforts (FEMA)

America responds to Terrorism (FirstGov)
Extensive list of agencies, phone numbers, and volunteer centers for victim information and aid donations.

Your Response

ACU and America
See what ACU is doing in response to these events. Share your stories in Perspectives . Read President Money's message to families of international students.

American Liberty Partnership
Centralized resources for supporting various relief organizations. Includes ways to give financially online, how kids can help, and a great list of ways to give of yourself.

Friendship Through Education
For kids. "Linking students through letters, emails, collaboration and exchanges to build an understanding between nations..."

How to Help: Key Voluntary Agenices Accepting Donations (FEMA)

Manhattan Church of Christ, Disaster Relief Assistance
Help the church help others.

Prayer for the Nation(Heartlight)
"... a meeting place for those who are praying and grieving for our nation..." Offers many practical and powerful ways to get involved.

Prayers and Reflections
Do It Again, Lord by Max Lucado
Numbed to Evil by Dr. Jeff Lee, MD
Only Because of Jesus by Phil Ware
Prayer for a Grieving Nation by Rubel Shelly
Praying for "Senseless" Tragedies by Sandra Higley and Lani Hinkle
When I am Weak by Tom Norvell
Life Has Changed by Tom Norvell
Rethinking Heroism by Rubel Shelly
The Generosity of Americans by Janice Price
Hood Ornament or Holy Hope? by Phil Ware
Beyond Circling: 911 is a Call to Action by Phil Ware
So Where Was God? by Rubel Shelly
When We Don't Understand by Alan Smith
Dealing With Anxiety with Thanksgiving by Muriel Larson
In a New York Minute by Phil Ware
One Hour by Tom Norvell
Opportunity for Courage by Rubel Shelly
Be Still! by Tom Norvell
You Look Like You Need A Hug by Rubel Shelly
Without Warning: Understanding the Agony of Sudden Catastrophic Death (part 1) by Delores A. Kuenning
Without Warning: Sudden Catastrophic Death -- Advice We Can Offer (part 2) by Delores A. Kuenning
Why Doesn't God Do Something? by Rubel Shelly
Jesus Words in the Winter of War by Lynn Anderson
We Complicate Everything by Randal Matheny
911 by Phil Ware
Caring Requires Courage by Rubel Shelly
A Wake-Up Call for Sleepy Christians by Tim Woodroof
by Randy Becton
Deliver Us From Evil by Rubel Shelly
From Chaos to Calm by Prentice A. Meador, ACU Opening Chapel 08/26/2002 [MS Word version]

Tell Your Story (Abilene Reporter News)
Share your thoughts, prayers, and stories and read what others have shared.

Contents updated 09-11-2002
Laura Baker