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U.S. LAW is the foundation upon which all else is based. It carries the most authority. These references will follow you throughout your research.

Finding Aids 

U.S. Code
Contains the current laws of the United States organized by subject. Searchable by specific citation.
Code of Federal Regulations
[DOC LAW] AE 2.106/3:
Compilation of regulations that support the individual laws. Regulations usually flesh out the specific details of how the law should be applied. ADA accessibility regulations are contained in CFR Title 36.

Key Titles 

Americans With Disabilities Act, Public 101-336
Full-text of the original law.
Title III Regulations, 36 CFR 1190 plus appendix A
[DOC LAW] AE 2.106/3:36/
Detailed regulations for building accessibility. Print copy in library has actual diagrams and specifications.
BOOKS and DOCUMENTS provide broader information on the topic. They help explain the law.

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Online catalog for all material available in the Abilene consortium libraries. Government documents are included. Some titles are linked to Internet publications.
MarciveWeb DOCS
Indexes all government documents distributed to libraries, including materials not received by ACU. Marcive will supplement ALCON searches by listing documents that can be borrowed via interlibrary loan, by indexing materials at ACU that do not yet appear in ALCON, and by linking to online publications.

Key Titles 

The Americans With Disabilities ACT: Title III Technical Assistance Manual
[DOC REF] J 1.8/2:AM 3/TITLE 3/993
Explains the requirements of ADA title III as it applies to public accommodations. Good guide to aid in interpreting the law.


Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities
[DOC REF] Y 3.B 27:8 AM 3/3
Technical manual for creating a barrier-free building. Contains useful diagrams illustrating ramps, aisle widths, accessible routes, etc. Use the paper version for the most readability.
JOURNAL ARTICLES contain in-depth information on a narrow aspect of the topic and are a good current awareness tool. Use them to discover potential changes to the law, to support the importance of ADA compliance, or to identify how other institutions have been affected by ADA.

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Academic Search Premier (ACU only)
Journal articles from all fields. Includes scholarly and popular journals with most articles full-text.
Business Source Premier (ACU only)
Journal articles pertaining to business. Includes scholarly and popular journals with most articles full-text.


Journal articles, research studies, and other documents relating to education. ACU owns all the Eric Documents on microfiche. Many of the Eric Journals are located throughout the Abilene libraries.
Full-text of newspapers and magazines. Select News option on main screen.
All-purpose index to journal articles. All full-text.
GOVERNMENT AGENCIES and ORGANIZATIONS are gateways to a wealth of data and reports. Agency searches remain one of the most effective ways of locating government information. Identify the primary agencies that publish in your topic.

Finding Aids 

ACU Government Documents Finding Aids
Links to catalogs, search engines, and government agency locators that specialize in finding electronic government information.

Key Agencies 

Department of Justice ADA Home Page
Primary agency concerned with ADA enforcement and protection of the rights of disabled persons. Contains recent litigation involving ADA compliance, proposed changes in ADA law, and numerous guides and manuals. See especially the ADA Technical Assistance Materials.

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board)

Primary agency concerned with improving building accessibility for those with disabilities. Produces specific information on new construction and building modifications to ensure unimpeded access. See sections marked Publications and Building and Facility Design Guidelines.

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