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Note: ASC journals are from the Academic Source Complete EBSCOhost database

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American Music (1983-2008), JSTOR
American Music Teacher (2003-), ASC
Asian Music (1968-2005), JSTOR
Asian Music (2005-), JHUP
Cambridge Opera Journal (1989-2005), JSTOR
Cambridge Opera Journal (2000-), Cambridge
Choral Journal (2007-), ASC
Computer Music Journal (1977-2005), JSTOR
Computer Music Journal (2001-), JHUP
Early Music (1973-1999), JSTOR
Early Music (1999-), Oxford University Press
Early Music History (1981-2005), JSTOR
Early Music Performer (2008-), ASC
Electronic Musician (1996-), ASC
Ethnomusicology (1953-2006), JSTOR
General Music Today (2001-), Sage
International Journal of Music Education (1999-), Sage
Journal of American Folklore (1888-2005), JSTOR
Journal of American Folklore (2001-), JHUP
Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies (2008-), ASC
Journal of Music Teacher Education (2001-), Sage
Journal of Musicological Research (1998-), ASC (12-month full text delay)
Journal of Popular Music Studies (1997-), Wiley
Journal of Research in Music Education (1999-), Sage
Journal of Singing (2007-), Gale Health Reference Center
Journal of the American Musicological Society (1948-), JSTOR
Journal of the Royal Musical Association (1986-2005), JSTOR
Journal of the Royal Musical Association (2005-), JHUP
Journal of Voice (1995-), ScienceDirect
Latin American Music Review (1980-2007), JSTOR
Latin American Music Review (2001-), JHUP
Leonardo Music Journal (1991-2005), JSTOR
Leonardo Music Journal (2000-), JHUP
Music & Letters (1920-2001), JSTOR
Music & Letters (2004-), Oxford University Press
Music Analysis (1982-2000), JSTOR
Music Analysis (1999-), Wiley
Music Educators Journal (1990-), ASC
Music Cataloging Bulletin (2003-), MLA
The Musical Quarterly (1915-1999), JSTOR
The Musical Quarterly (1999-), Oxford University Press
Musical Times (1903-2007), JSTOR
Musical Times (2003-), ASC
Nineteenth-Century Music (1977-2007), JSTOR
Notes (1934-2005), JSTOR
Notes (2000-), JHUP
Opera News (1990-), ASC
The Opera Quarterly (1999-), Oxford University Press
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art (1998-2005), JSTOR
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art (1996-), JHUP
Psychology of Music (1999-), Sage
Teaching Music (1994-), ASC

Web Sites:

  • American Musicological Association - - The AMA was founded in 1934 to advance research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship. (Discounted student memberships are available.)

  • College Music Society - - Society of musicians and scholars that promotes music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction.

  • Dowling Hymnals Online - - Full text collection of 9,000 19th century hymnals of the Stone-Campbell movement. Includes sound files.

  • Medieval Music Database - - Covers all of the music of the fourteenth century and all liturgical chant currently electronically indexed, adding to these links transcriptions with modern music notation (where melodic information is available), original manuscripts where possible and links to the electronic editions themselves.

  • Mutopia Project - - Offers sheet music of classical music for free download. These are based on editions in the public domain including Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, and more. Volunteers typeset the music using the LilyPond software.

  • NYPL, Digital Library - - The New York Public Library's digitized collections online including African American Migration, NYPL Digital Gallery, Louis Armstrong Jazz Oral History Project, and much more.

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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