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Note: ASC journals are from the Academic Search Premier EBSCOhost database
Note: ATLAS journals are from the ATLA Religion with ATLASerials EBSCOhost database

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American Journal of Pastoral Counseling (1997-), Taylor & Francis
Church History (2008-), Cambridge
Conflict Resolution Quarterly (2002-), Wiley
Harvard Theological Review (2001-), Cambridge
History of Religions (1961-), JSTOR
Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion (2005-), ASC
International Journal of Children's Spirituality (1999-), ASC (12 month full-text delay)
International Journal of Education and Religion (2000-), IngentaConnect
Journal for Preachers (1977-), ATLAS
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (2000-), Wiley
Journal for the Study of the New Testament (2001-), ASC
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (2001-2004), Sage
Journal of Education & Christian Belief (2002-), ASC
Journal of Marriage and Family (2000-), Wiley
Journal of Ministry & Theology (2010-), ASC
Journal of Religion (1921-), JSTOR
Journal of Religion and Health (1997-), SpringerLink
Journal of Religious History (1997-), IngentaConnect
Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care (2009-), ASC
Journal of the American Academy of Religion (1967-1999), JSTOR
Journal of the American Academy of Religion (1999-), Oxford University Press
Literature and Theology (1999-), Oxford University Press
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion (2000-), IngentaConnect
Pastoral Psychology (1997-), Springer
Religion (1993-), ScienceDirect
Religion and American Culture (1991-), JSTOR
Religion and Theology (2000-), IngentaConnect
Religion East and West (2004-), ASC
Sociology of Religion (1999-), Oxford University Press
Studies in Christian Ethics (1999-), Sage
Teaching Theology & Religion (1998-), Wiley
Vetus Testamentum (1951-2002), JSTOR
Zygon (1966-), Wiley

Web Sites

  • Center for Youth and Family Ministry - - Established at ACU in 1989, the CYFM provides comprehensive information regarding the spiritual needs of youth and families. We strive to empower and equip youth and family ministers throughout the nation so they can effectively minister to families within the church context.

  • MinistryLink - - A web-based service that connects ministers with Churches of Christ. With MinistryLink, churches can view ministers' resumes, post job openings, and connect with ministers. Ministers can upload resumes, browse church profiles and job postings, and connect with churches.

  • Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life - Seeks to promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs. Delivers timely, impartial information to national opinion leaders, including government officials and journalists. As a nonpartisan, non-advocacy organization, the Forum does not take positions on policy debates.

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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