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Algebra and Logic (1997-), SpringerLink
American Mathematical Monthly (1894-2007), JSTOR
The American Statistician (1947-2005), JSTOR
Applied Statistics (1997-), Wiley
The College Mathematics Journal (1984-2007), JSTOR
Differential Equations (2000-), SpringerLink
Fuzzy Sets and Systems (1995-), ScienceDirect
Insurance: Mathematics, and Economics (1995-), ScienceDirect
International Statistical Review (1997-), Wiley
Journal of Geometry (1997-), SpringerLink
Journal of the American Statistical Association (1922-2005), JSTOR
Math Horizons (1993-2007), JSTOR
Mathematical Finance (1997-), Wiley
Mathematics Magazine (1947-2007), JSTOR
Mathematics of Operations Research (1976-2005), JSTOR
Michigan Mathematical Journal (1952-), Project Euclid
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (1998-), Wiley
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (1950-2005), JSTOR
Quarterly Journal of Mathematics (1999-), Oxford University Press
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (1966-2005), JSTOR
Statistical Science (1986-2007), JSTOR
Statistical Science (1986-), Project Euclid
Studies in Applied Mathematics (1997-), Wiley
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (1900-2005), JSTOR

Web Sites:

  • ACM: Association for Computing Machinery - - Official website for the world's oldest and largest educational and scientific computing society. Access full text and table of contents to several ACM publications. (Discounted student memberships available.)

  • The Chaos Hypertextbook - - Online textbook covers iteration, bifurcation, universality, Julia sets, Mandelbrot sets, Euclidean dimensions and more. Written by Physics teacher Glenn Elert (Midwood High School at Brooklyn College) originally submitted as final essay to the Teachers College at Columbia University for a Master of Science degree in secondary science education in 1997. Regularly updated.

  • Links to Web Sites on the History of Mathematics - - Lists links to general sites, biographies, online books, societies, journals, etc.

  • The Math Forum Home Page - - Provides resources, materials, activities, and educational products and services that support teaching and learning. Topics covered include: Calculus, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Game theory and programming, Linear Algebra and more.

  • Mathematical Association of America - - The MAA provides mathematicians with the best expository articles, engaging problems, and articles devoted to teaching collegiate mathematics. (Discounted student memberships are available.)

  • Mathematical Atlas: A Gateway to Mathematics - - Articles that provide introductions to areas of modern mathematics divided into categories using the Mathematics Subject Classification. Includes bibliography and internet sources for each area.

  • Mathematics Journals - - Lists links to electronic and print (some available electronically) mathematics journals.

  • Programmers' Heaven - - Over 1,600 links and over 5,000 free downloads relating to programming and programers. (Developed and maintained in Sweden.).

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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