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Note: BSC journals are from the Business Source Complete EBSCOhost database

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Academy of Management Journal (1963-), BSC
Academy of Management Review (1976-), BSC
Accounting, Organizations and Society (1995-), ScienceDirect
Accounting Review (1926-), BSC
Administrative Science Quarterly (1956-), BSC
Agribusiness (1985-), BSC
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (1999-), Wiley
Decision Sciences (2006-), Wiley
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (2003-), Wiley
Employment Relations Today (2001-), Wiley
Harvard Business Review (1922-), BSC
Human Resource Development Quarterly (2000-), Wiley
Human Resource Management (1996-), Wiley
Industrial & Labor Relations Review (1947-), BSC
Industrial Relations (1964-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Industrial Relations Journal (1970-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Information Systems Research (1990-), BSC (24 month full-text delay)
Interfaces (1970-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
International Insolvency Review (1996-), Wiley
International Journal of Auditing (1997-), Wiley
International Journal of Finance & Economics (1997-), Wiley
International Journal of Intelligent Systems (1996-), Wiley
International Journal of Tourism Research (1999-), Wiley
Journal of Advertising (1972-), BSC
Journal of Applied Econometrics (1986-2005), JSTOR
Journal of Applied Econometrics (1996-), Wiley
The Journal of Business Communication (1963-), BSC
Journal of Business Ethics (1982-), BSC
Journal of Consumer Affairs (1967-), BSC
Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance (1989-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
The Journal of Finance (1998-), Wiley
Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis (1966-), BSC
The Journal of Financial Research (2002-), Wiley
Journal of Financial Stability (2004-), ScienceDirect
Journal of Futures Markets (1996-), Wiley
Journal of Management (1999-), Sage
Journal of Management Studies (1964-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology (1992-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Journal of Organizational Behavior (1996-), Wiley
Journal of Small Business Management (2001-), Wiley
Journal of the American Taxation Association (1979-), BSC
Leader to Leader (2000-), Wiley
Leadership in Action (2000-), Wiley
Management Accounting Research (1995-), ScienceDirect
Management Science (1954-), BSC (24 month full-text delay)
Managerial and Decision Economics (1996-), Wiley
MIS Quarterly (1977-), BSC
National Tax Journal (1965-), BSC
New Directions for Evaluation (2001-), Wiley
Personnel Psychology (1965-), BSC
Perspectives on Global Development and Technology (2000-), IngentaConnect
Psychology and Marketing (1996-), Wiley
Public Administration and Development (1996-), Wiley
Public Personnel Management (1973-), BSC
Review of Political Economy (1989-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Risk Management and Insurance Review (1997-), Wiley
Small Business Economics (1989-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Strategic Management Journal (1980-), BSC (12 month full-text delay)
Thunderbird International Business Review (2000-), Wiley


Web Sites:

  • AICPA - - Searchable collection of accounting information.

  • American Accounting Association - - Valuable information on accounting topics organized into sections such as research, practice, education, publications, news, and support links. (Discounted student membership rates are available.)

  • Annual Reports Online - - Provides information and guidance on how to access annual reports and proxies on the Internet.

  • Commodity Futures - Commercial web site with free current data.

  • - - Widely encompassing access point for anyone seeking a broad range of online resources from leading business publications and academic sources.

  • FindLaw - - Find legal cases, supreme court cases, and many other law resources relating to business.

  • globalEDGE - - International business resource desk. Includes country Insights, international business resources (research, news, journals, trade, etc.), market potential indicators, a glossary, and more.

  • INO.com - Commercial web site with free quotes and charts for current data.

  • The Library of Economics and Liberty - - Provides authoritative views on economic issues with access to books and articles in the areas of history, political theory and philosophy.

  • Stock and Commodity Exchanges - A guide to finding stock and commodity exchanges on the web by Rutgers University Libraries.

  • TFC Commodity Prices / Quotes & Charts - This is a source of daily commodity futures and financial market information. TFC tracks commodities and financial indicators, making the information available in the form of free online charts and intraday commodity quotes.

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