Montevideo, Uruguay

Map of Uruguay


Capital: Montevideo
Population: 3,477,778 (as of July 2008)
Comparative Area: slightly smaller than the state of Washington
Languages: Spanish, Portunal, Brazilero (Portugese-Spanish mix)
Religions: Roman Catholic (47.1%), non-Catholic Christian (11.1%), nondenominational (23.2%), Jewish (0.3%), atheist or agnostic (17.2%), other (1.1%) (2006)
Government: constitutional republic
Agriculture: rice, wheat, soybeans, barley, livestock, beef. fish, forestry
Exports: meat, rice, leather products, wool, fish, dairy products

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Transportation in Montevideo comes in the form of buses, which are cheap and run every 5 to 25 minutes; taxis, which are plentiful but more expensive than buses; and walking, as many locations in the city are accessible by foot. Montevideo does not have a subway system.

  • : American assistance while in Uruguay, Visa information, latest news, ambassadorial information, and policy issues
  • advice on getting to and around Montevideo
  • : Comprehensive Uruguay travel website including popular destinations, hotels, reservations, links, pictures, tours and history
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Uruguay News and Current Events   

  • Uruguay news, media, photos, videos, and TV

  • Comprehensive List of online news sources for Uruguay
  • Uruguay's English News Digest
    Written by English speakers in Uruguay, Uruguayan Daily News includes sections on business, crime, economics, entertainment, environment, health, international affairs, politics, society, sports, literature, Spanish/English food terms, and forums.

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Spanish Language   

Food in Uruguay

  •  from
  •  cuisine of Montevideo from Spanish Abroad


  • is a list of average prices for common items in Uruguay.
  • gives you the current exchange rate between and the US dollar. Also includes rate trends for the past year.

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Culture, Music and Art    

  • Uruguayan music
  • : Uruguayan Radio (Spanish)
  • : list of galleries, museums, artists, cinemas and music venues in Uruguay
  • : overview of culture in Montevideo from America Travelling
  • : list from infoplease

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History and General Information   

  • : Key events in Uruguay history from the first Spanish exploration to Independence, War, and the return to democracy
  • allows you to check the current time in Uruguay from anywhere.


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Flag of Uruguay

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